Dear readers,

Whether you are reading this as a partner organization representative, a Board Member, a volunteer, a donor, from SFU, or a supporter, or just a curious follower, you have (whether you know it or not!) handed me blocks along the way, which have resulted in the building of NaloxHome. If there's one thing I've learned about making change in this world, it's that it truly takes a community. Thanks for being a part of ours!

NaloxHome hit many milestones in 2023, and I could not be any prouder of the amazing team of young adults that make up NaloxHome. I constantly feel empowered, inspired, and changed by this group.

Here are just a few of our successes this year:

- We achieved our Society Number, and subsequently formed a fantastic working Board of Directors. Our experienced Board of Directors has taken the lead on our Policy & Procedure Manual, Bylaws, and AGM planning. They have also assisted with grant applications, and day-to-day operations. Massive shout out to our incredible Board Chair, Jessica Williams -- thank you for always being there for me. 

- We reached over 5,000 SD43 students. This translates to 5,000 youth who are now equipped with Naloxone training and understanding of the overdose crisis. AKA, 5,000 young people who are now qualified to save a life. 

- We received "Business of the Year'' at the Tri-Cities REACH Awards. I also won a prize from Mazda Canada titled "Rising Legends," from which I received $50,000. This money is all going back to NaloxHome, to continue serving the community. 

- We adopted a few streets in Coquitlam! We adopted a handful of streets nearby Walton Elementary. If you're ever in the area on a Saturday morning, you might see our team out and about picking up litter!

- We ran a successful hygiene drive, where we utilized our Neighbourhood Small Grant to pack over 100 quality kits for people experiencing homelessness. For the hygiene drive, I sought a partnership with the Vancouver Street Clean Team through Coast Mental Health, and we reached many residents of the downtown eastside with our thoughtfully-curated hygiene kits. We also are just wrapping up our Winter Clothing Drive, where we partnered with Vancity Credit Unions Tri-Cities and had donation boxes set up at each of the 5 locations. 

- In our most recent batch of hiring, we onboarded 12 new volunteers. Now, we have 55 NaloxHome Educators. This is a diverse group of passionate, smart, hard-working young people. As well, we have 6 amazing Vice Presidents: Alex Hinrichs (VP Internal), Sarah Nelson (VP Social Media & Marketing), Jaiden Potter (VP Finance), David Acland (VP Training), Mercedes Guerra (VP Human Resources) and Adam Noorani (VP Education). 

- We exercised our partnership with TCCAT to appear at multiple Tri-Cities community events. 

- We continue to hold 2 meetings per month out of SHARE Port Moody. Thank you for this essential partnership, we are so grateful for the space.

- We continue to run a high-traffic Instagram account, which has accumulated over 1,500 followers. We also have our website, which featured a few new blog posts throughout 2023. 

- THANK YOU for the donations we received from Centennial Secondary, Reese Mueller Memorial Foundation, and ACCESS Youth Outreach Services.

There are many more day-to-day wins, but consider this round-up a snapshot of our year. We could not reach these goals without you.

On a personal note: Many of you knew me long before NaloxHome was even an idea. I often think about what I would tell my 17-year-old self about my current 21-year-old self, and how the younger version of me would not believe what has happened in the span of 4 years. From joining the TCCAT as a teen, to beginning studies at SFU and throwing my name in last-minute for the Student Community Engagement Competition, to now leading a 55-person team and reaching hundreds of youth each month -- I have truly been so privileged in the connections and community that have rallied around me from jump.

In other news, I am pursuing a full-time entrepreneurial Co-Op at SFU from January - April, in which I will be working at NaloxHome full-time. I am looking further to strengthening existing partnerships, acting on ideas, and making more change in our amazing community. This opportunity is possible through SFU Coast Capital Venture Connection. 

Happy Holidays to those who celebrate, and to all, a Happy 2024. I am excited for more work, ideas, success, and partnerships in the new year. Big things are coming.

Take care,

Chloe Goodison, Executive Director