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In BC’s deadly overdose crisis, primary prevention is needed to combat the continuous uptick in illicit-drug toxicity deaths each month. This is where NaloxHome steps in! We believe that by educating our population about the overdose crisis, naloxone, and anti-stigma, we are contributing to widespread empowerment and the ability to help in the situation of an overdose.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you know what the signs of an overdose look like?
  • Where to get naloxone?
  • How to use naloxone?
  • What to do if a loved one discloses their substance use to you?

Considering BC is in its 7th declared year of an overdose public health crisis, we all SHOULD have the answers to these questions. The problem is, many of us DON’T. Public education is necessary.

By watching a NaloxHome presentation, you will know much more about BC’s overdose crisis and how to contribute to its demise. As well, you will be able to recognize an overdose and potentially save someone’s life with naloxone.

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