Are you 18-25 years old, and looking to help END the overdose crisis?

Volunteer with NaloxHome!

Do you want to work with a passionate team of youth, watch guest speakers, and actively contribute to the END of BC’s overdose crisis! If so, this opportunity is perfect for you. Apply to our team to join our volunteer pool, where you can choose to be a Youth Educator, Social Media Assistant, Event Planner, Information Assistant, or Strategic Partnerships

Youth Educators are the front-line presenters, educating the community about overdose, signs of overdose, stigma, naloxone, and more.

Social Media Assistants will take the reins on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok accounts by promoting safety information, special opportunities, NaloxHome events and ways to get involved in the end of BC's overdose crisis

Event Planners get to brainstorm and execute events for NaloxHome to get involved in or host. A speaker panel? A pop-up naloxone training session in a park? A clothing drive? The options are endless!

Information Assistants will keep the team up-to-date with current news and statistics pertaining to harm reduction and BC's overdose crisis. We seek to ensure that all information presented to the community is credible and accurate!

Strategic Partnership Assistants will stay in-the-loop with fellow organizations that can help us educate about overdose while creating community engagement

No formal or informal experience is necessary for any position. We believe that by expressing interest in advocating for change, nothing should be stopping you from doing so! If selected, there is a 4-5 hour/month time commitment to NaloxHome. Work can be done remotely.

NaloxHome Volunteer Application Form

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