What do we do?

NaloxHome was born in 2021 by first-year SFU student, Chloe Goodison. After graduating secondary school without learning about BC’s overdose crisis, Chloe saw a hole: despite being in it’s 5th consecutive year as a declared Public Health Crisis, students aren’t learning the signs of an overdose, where to get naloxone, and how to keep each other safe. In fact, the absence of these topics in the curriculum contribute to the deadly stigma around substance use and those who use substances. NaloxHome is led by the belief that knowledge is power, and by learning about issues around us, we are equipped to contribute to their end.

After winning the 2020-2021 SFU Student-Community Engagement Competition, NaloxHome took off in the Tri-Cities region of British Columbia (Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, and Coquitlam). After numerous applications, Chloe selected 17 diverse youth to make up her team as Youth Educators. These impressive young adults are deployed to present to YOUR organizations, when you book a NaloxHome presentation.

NaloxHome can be booked by community members to provide a 45 minute, comprehensive presentation to classes, businesses, or teams. Information is backed and provided by Fraser Health, and inclusive/anti-stigma dialogue has been reviewed by SHARE Society. NaloxHome presentations cater to everyone -- not just those in a relationship with a substance -- because the overdose crisis requires a unanimous effort to combat. There is a role for everyone to play in ending this deadly epidemic.

Our Team

Chloe Goodison
Maddy Hutchinson
Roxanna Ferdowski
Alex Hinrichs
Mercedes Guerra
David Acland
Raylee Lane
April Kornitsky
Rebecca Hsin
Sharon Gu
Mark Dao
Kirsten Volberg
Nathan Piasecki
Jaiden Potter
Sarah Nelson